NaPoWriMo (7-9)

National poetry writing month 2k17 ~ A poem a day keeps the doctor away.

Day 7



Do not question her powers,
Before you learn to love rainstorms,
And all the things that have emotions.
Before you become the courageous sailor,
Sailing beyond the shore,
To explore her deep soul.
Before you completely understand the blue lonely section inside of her,
That wear your tragedies,
As armors and arrows.
Do not question her powers.
She is powerful enough to drown you,
Clean you,
And even save you,
Depending on what’s your worth.
So do not.


Day 8

IMG-20170412-WA0022We all owe a terrible loyalty,
Against terribly broken us,
For we all sail the same terrible boat,
In the same terribly stormful sea.


Day 9



It’s been more than a year,
Since you said goodbye.
There is still an incurable emptiness,
I still find it hard to look at old photographs,
Without feeling overwhelmed by
I still remember that phone call,
Three words played loop inside my head.
Time stood still that day,
As I lost a part of my heart,
It hurts like nothing I had felt before.
Now when I cry missing you,
People tell me that time goes on,
But to me this is the saddest part.
The thing is, for years I didn’t know how to grieve.
I thought grief was an intense sadness,
A sadness one can somehow manage to put an end to.
I was wrong.
Grief is never ending.
It is like an ocean,
Deep and incessant.
It comes in flows.
Sometimes it is calm and soothing,
Other times the waves can be really rough and devastating.