As Mom

NaPoWriMo Day 01

As Mom,

i. I will make my children grow plants,
So they learn how to take care of humans,
For humans are plants with emotion,
Who breathe on love and care.

ii.  I will teach my daughter
That brain comes before beauty,
That she is allowed to think,
And that she must speak what she thinks.

iii. I will not treat my son as a warrior since birth,
But a child who is allowed to be sensitive,
Just like a princess is,
With feelings and a humble heart.

iv. I promise there will be overflowing love,
And I pray for those who says
-too much of love spoil children,
To never suffer a day without love! (:

A poem for NaPoWriMo – Day 01. The theme for the day was to tell how to do something. And this is what I wrote as a note-to-self on how to be a mom.