Things my mother didn’t tell me but should have. NaPoWriMo 2018. Poem 12

//Things my mother didn’t tell me but should have.//

Things my mother didn't tell me
Artist – @How_art_you

i. This whole love thing is very twisted,
When you fall in love –
You literally fall,
Crashing to the ground till all your bones are broken.

ii. Human beings are not ships.
If they don’t want to get rescued from flood,
You can’t save them.
You just can’t.

iii. Sometimes when you are shining at your best,
Glittering with all the stardust inside of you,
You end up attracting moths,
Giving them the shelter they need.

iv. You will meet a lot of selfish people,
Who even when they know they will hurt you
Will walk into your life just to taste you
Because you are too much shine to not be felt.

(Protect your space and energy.)

NaPoWriMo (12/30)