Yellow is an underrated colour. NaPoWriMo 2018. Day 9.

//Yellow is an underrated colour//

Picture credits : Ashish Dobhal


I was driving down an old road at 4am,
One hand holding a glass of whiskey,
Another clenched on the steering wheel of the car.
The road has a bright yellow line painted on it
Reminding me of the sun we used to watch
Together from the balcony of our house.
I wanted not to think about it
But they always told me to keep my eyes on the road.
And I was doing the same
Until I saw a field of yellow daisies across the road.
The kind that decorated the church
On the day we promised forever to each other.
I was driving down an old road at 10am,
The sun was bright than usual.
But so was the memory.
Reminding me of the yellow dress your mother wore
On the day she delivered a eulogy at your funeral.
The day a rock became your welcome mat,
The day I couldn’t find a right way to say goodbye.
I was driving down an old road
But I woke up in a hospital bed this morning.
The yellow light of that bus drew me in,
And as I saw you smiling through it,
I finally felt like this is the only way home

NaPoWriMo (9/30)