The Anecdotes of Grahan Village, Himachal Pradesh.

Grahan a village of Himachal Pradesh is the kind of place that will always have my heart. As I type this, sitting in a room in Rajasthan, in front of the wall that has a framed poster of “’Into the wild” movie, “Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles plays in the background.

When this failed to satisfy my wanderlust I logged in to talk about the beauty of Grahan village. I never shared these anecdotes even though I have once uploaded a blog about my first adventure at Grahan Village.

grahan village himachal pradesh

Six unforgettable moments of Grahan Village, Himachal Pradesh that I can’t resist sharing –

1. The Village has Delicious Honey.

Located on such a height the cafés serve delicious pancakes with extremely yummy honey. I advise you to go for honey instead of Nutella because the village is very popular for its taste of honey. The fresh and appropriate sweetness of honey will melt your heart in every bite I promise.


Grahan Village has two sides – while one area has all the cafes attached to it the other is a proper village. On my first trip to the village we stayed in Grahan Pulgi which is the area with homestays. Once on our evening walk towards the village my friend suggested that we must ask someone from the village for honey. The next minute we were standing in front of an old lady and before we could start a conversation she initiated the talk, but to our surprise she was talking in a complete different language with lots of whispers in between, While I stepped back my friend still tried to pick up the conversation but the language gap was extremely difficult to bridge.
I narrated the story to bhaiji of cafe in which we were staying and he shared with us the story of separation of Grahan and Malana.

He told us that Grahan village was born out of Malana and years back both were one. The story of birth further goes that once there lived two brothers in Malana village. After a quarrel both parted ways, while one decided to stay in Malana the other one decided to rush out of it tagging along with him his friends and close ones. The group then ended up settling in the place which is now named as “Grahan”.
Since Grahan is born out of Malana, the extremely different language of Malanis can be found here too. So the whispers of the old lady was nothing but the accent.

I regret stepping back. 😀

2. Villagers part without waving bye-s.

This might be a story of a lot of villages but in my 7 days stay at Grahan I encountered this culture very closely. Once in the noon time two boys from the village came to meet bhaiji of the café we were staying at. After their 15 minutes of conversation they both simply walked out of the café parting in different direction. All three of them did not even wave a bye to each other.

I kind of stared the men going away until a friend shaked me and I then gave a big smile. The innocence of their friendships stole my heart. For next ten minutes we were bitching about the formal city culture of giving hugs every time for hellos and byes.
I mean just pat my head if you cannot say hello without a physical contact!

I love the calm and composed culture of the village. No body cares to do any of the formal act, simply stating the time on which they might re-arrive is the kind of bye-s they cling on to.

grahan village himachal pradesh

3. The waterfall that will steal your heart.

Thirty minutes ahead of the village there comes a waterfall that is an extremely beautiful place for evening picnics. The next time you roll one, rush to the waterfall because that’s the place where you can have the best evening experience.

Once we reached the waterfall I was so happy and was jumping around with no worries in head. I felt my heart being a five year old, jumping from one rock to another and dripping my feet in cold water before even removing the socks. I have seen many waterfalls before but this was one hell of an experience that I will remember even when I will turn to dust.

The sound of water falling from a height amid the land of rocks that stretched into the horizon, the constant smell of wet mud that lured my senses to extremity, and the peaceful vibes of the place felt like a romantic poetry to me.

4. The giant mosquitoes.

While in Himachal Pradesh night bonfires are must. On our first night in the village bhaiji called us out for dinner meanwhile he prepared a bonfire. We reached the village only an hour before so we were still getting familiar to the place and the weather. Suddenly a giant mosquito was spotted on my left arm. The size was thrice of what I have seen in my city.

I never imagined that one day I will be tip-toeing under a sky full of stars to capture a giant mosquito in a photograph.
You see if you give good air and place for insects to live in, they do grow well.

I pity Delhi mosquitoes. 😀

5. The moon will be your neighbour.

On our first night in Grahan Village, we were lucky enough to experience a full moon night. The moon was my neighbour singing along with me.
That is the kind of place it is. The place where you can befriend stars, the place where you can pose with the moon in your palm, the place where the sky will be so clear even in night that people will switch off all the bulbs and let the moonlight be their street lamp.

6. The Maggie will mostly be overloaded with veggies or chicken chunks.

To sustain the harsh weather it is good to have the kind of food that will keep you warm. If your bhaiji ends up loving your company he will definitely treat you with Maggie that will be overloaded with veggies and chicken chunks. I remember that the first Maggie that he served me with a big smile even had chickpeas in it.  That’s the kind of culture they have grown in, with no luxuries around they will appreciate your company (if they happen to like it) with pure innocence and sweet gestures.

While having the last bowl of Maggie before leaving the village I almost cried. I later did two trips to Village but never get to meet bhaiji again, he probably shifted somewhere else.
I still miss that special Maggie.

grahan village himachal pradesh

Sometimes back I read words of Seth Godin, an American author – “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”
To every digital nomad around, this will definitely hit home.

What is that one thing from your recent trip that you think you will never forget?

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