The yang in the yin

//the yang in the yin//
Day 04 of NaPoWriMo 2019
Assuming that we all find cockroaches disgusting,
And we all want to get rid of them.

Now Imagine being in a box full of cockroaches
With a close lid and no escape.
Feel them walking over you,
Making a way through your skin,
From the toe to your mouth.
Imagine yourself shouting in disgust,
And their they are inside your mouth,
Making way from your throat,
You can feel the disgust,
The tickles inside your stomach,
The tickles that doesn’t make you laugh
But shout and cry in disgust.

Now imagine someone opening the lid,
Taking you out of the traumatic experience,
Brushing the cockroaches off your body,
Giving you a hug to calm the trauma.
Taking you home away from the disgust,
Providing you a shower and some peace,
Imagine yourself sleeping in their arms,
Fading into sleep slowly and then all at once,
Assuming that we all find love homely,
And we all want to be at home,
That’s the yang in the yin
Craved by everyone who finds cockroaches disgusting.